Why is it worth it?

Why is it worth exhibiting at the Housing and House Fair?

  • Because our enormous experience speaks for us - in the last 20 years we have organized over 150 fair events for the real estate market in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Tricity, Kraków and Łódź.
  • Because we are effective - our marketing campaigns in these cities reach hundreds of thousands of people through channels such as Google, Facebook, billboards, citylights, advertising on LED screens, posters in buses and on their back surfaces, mobile billboards, advertising in the subway and railways SKM, radio stations etc.
  • Because we know social media - the profiles of our trade fairs are watched by a total of over 72,000 people, to whom the advertisements posted there are displayed 2.1 million times
  • Because our fairs are visited by thousands of people interested in buying a flat. Most often they are young people (as much as 47% of visitors are people aged 25-34) who want to become independent and are looking for their first accommodation. But not only that - they are also slightly older people with a richer wallet, those who expand the family and therefore change their place of residence. The vast majority of these people are rather professionally active and have creditworthiness. They use new technologies and the Internet intensively - over 60 percent. tickets to our fair are sold online.
  • Because we attract visitors with a comprehensive offer - free lectures, seminars and workshops allow you to gain unique knowledge necessary for a long and complicated process of buying an apartment or taking out a mortgage. Although the majority (about 60 percent) of our exhibitors are housing developers, real estate agencies, banks and financial intermediaries, producers of finishing materials, furniture and household goods, as well as interior designers and architects also present their offer here.
  • Because we care about the youngest - parents can facilitate their participation in the fair by leaving their children on wonderful, well-equipped and safe playgrounds under the care of professional guardians and animators.
  • Because the advertising of the exhibitors participating in the fair does not last only for two days of the event - the fair catalog, which all visitors receive in the ticket price, is a valuable source of market information, which their owners use many times long after the end of the event.
  • Because we organize our fair in a modern, functional and well-known facility, which is the Warsaw EXPO XXI Center.
  • Because we are the best!